Have just returned from a conference with a stack of business cards with contacts that we would like to import into PB, but I can't tell how to best do this.  

2 premises: 
  1. I don't use a business card scanner.
  2. I need the contact information also in Excel for import into another application
So far I have created an Excel spreadsheet that has the following columns: Name LastName Company Email Telephone  

The result that I look for is to have a parent thought with the "event_name", below that a child "Company", below that a child with the "Name + Last Name", and within the notes of that child the "Email" and "Telephone".

Page 217 of the manual gives me an idea of how to import the parent and child information but it doesn't say how to place the email and telephone within the notes window.

Page 213 shows how to import as Outline, which does place information within notes but I don't know if or how I can easily get the Excel data into the Outline format.   

Going to experiment but your ideas are welcome.  



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