Is there a way to use the folder import feature without having the files in the folder moved or copied into the Brain, but just having links? Also, is there an option that brings links to each of the files as separate thoughts? I know this can be done easily with drag and drop of individual files, but I can't seem to find a way to do this for several folders at a time. Basically, what I'm looking for is a way to mirror my folder structure in the Brain, with links to the individual files -- I'm not trying to duplicate the folders or move it all into the Brain. I'm sure there must be an easy way to do this quickly, but I'm just not finding it -- I'm using the Pro version.

Have you tried virtual folders?
  1. In preferences on the UI tab
  2. Check "Show virtual thoughts for folders"
  3. Drag a folder from Explorer to the Plex
You'll see the contents of the Folder displayed in the Plex.

Can be a bit slow though, especially if the folder is not on your local disk but on the network.
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Thank you. It sounds exactly like what I was looking for!

Just be careful when you wish to delete a virtual folder. The correct way to do this is not to try deleting the folder itself but to Unlink it from its parent.
Alan Rhodes
Thank you for the tip!
IF you use the virtual thoughts to folders, you should know that you can not search in the fulltext of those files. That is a function, that I missing a lot.

So if you need the fulltext information, you have to link all the files to a separat thought.

I have a question about this topic: 

Is possible, when using virtual folders, to have the files mapped to individual thoughts (child of virtual folder) with links to the real files - instead of having the files as attached links to the virtual folder? 

I need to make a massive migration of my files actually located under operational system (windows 7), and i'd like to keep the files under operational system not importing them to Personal Brain. I'd like each file under his respective virtual folder as a thought with link to the file (not as attached links to the virtual folder, which occured in my tests), to make connections between them and other thoughts, and, if possible aplly tags, types, etc. 

Any sugestions and new insights are welcomed! 


Since i have all my files within PB and don't have external files (except some shortcuts to start various software) I hadn't used virtual thoughts for a long time. When i tested, the process can appear somewhat slow but seemed to improve.

However, i'm sure i remember from days of old (pre PB 3.02) that virtual thoughts would display the files within the folder as children. Currently, they are only accessible by opening the folder by clicking on the thought and viewing them in explorer.

From the 3.02 manual:

Drop the folder into the desired zone. A new Thought, named after the folder, appears in that zone. If you activate the new Thought, you can see that it has a child Thought for every file and folder in the original folder. PersonalBrain will map out the folder and display the contents as virtual Thoughts.


PersonalBrain User Guide 1/12/2005 21

Am i missing something regarding virtual thoughts displaying both subfolders and files? This would be useful.



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