Hi all:
I'm using a learning tool called Supermemo, its a spaced repetition tool( like Anki). Its very cool for helping learn and remember a lot of data over time, but its interface is pretty dated. Especially in the areas of navigation and search, I'd like to see what the data would look like if imported into the Brain.
I'm not looking to import all learning repetitions, or other learning details at this point. Eventually a sync would be nice, since one of the things i'd want to add via the Brain interface are things like types, tags, jump links etc( where i can figure out how to implement them in Supermemo structure)

But, first things first.

I can export from Supermemo in a pretty simple XML format. Whats my best bet for an import structure/format to create a Brain? I've used the structured text format before to bring in my chrome shortcuts, but is there a JSON / XML / YAML format/spec that i'd be better off using? I saw references to XML formats, but they seemed to be talking about v8.  I'm using v10 Pro.
Randy Thurber

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