Please make a more functional way to  look at/export  the combined content of several selected thoughts at once (Like a single scroll of text that includes all the content of the selected thoughts) .
Although it is possible to "copy as text outline with notes", the format of the output is hard to read, in particular because it is hard to distinguish between thought names and Note content in the output. Even a slight improvement in this, making the thought names Bold or prefixed by an easily identifiable markup tag would make life a lot better!
Perhaps there is a way of improving the format of the output that I dont know about, but if not, this is something that a lot of people would appreciate Im sure. 
All the best,

PS Greatly appreciating the speed improvement for Mac OS (as of yesterday) fingers crossed! 
Opening multiple tabs/windows of the same Brain with a different focused thought would be one option.  I'd be interested in seeing any type of mock up you could create of what you had in mind.


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