Hi Brain team,
a couple of suggestions to improve your product.

The Brain requires a significant and permanent effort to store and classify information properly (will share some ideas on that area too in another post). That is ok (no, it's not but let´s assume yes for now), as long as information retrieval is fast and relevant - meaning, we can retrieve the required information in a short period of time.

That is not always the case. Often I find it easier and quicker to use a desktop search tool like Copernic to "google" thousands of files and notes to get what I need.

Some ideas / suggestions:

- The search box in version 9 should show a relevance score (can just be color coded like DevonThink does).
- Search should let us decide if we want thoughts, tags, notes, file names and time period. Should have a "Order by" function - by relevance, by time, by proximity / similarity to open Thought.
- Should have an advanced mode where we could build more advanced queries - include AND, OR, NEAR... and other operators.

- There should be a "Search for Similar" option somewhere - if I am reading a product description, for example, embedded as thought notes, I would like to find similar Products - meaning similar Thoughts/Notes in my brain.

- ...and obviously, The Brain should also search inside attached files. Otherwise, it suffers from some degree of amnesia - doesn't remember what we stored. Why would we even bother to store and classify external files if TheBrain is not going to find them? I will have to use a third party tool for that - making TheBrain a candidate for replacement.

I totally understand that some of these capabilities are difficult to implement but they would make TheBrain a much better product.

Best Regards,
Joao Tapadinhas

Thank you for your feedback.  Many of the features you have suggested are currently available in TheBrain 8 (under the "Advanced" button in the Search Results Tab).  I'll be sure to include feature requests for these features (as well as the relevance score you've mentioned) to be integrated into v9 as well.

We did recently just at a new "Duplicate Thoughts" report that you may be interested. The Search within TheBrain 9 has been streamlined for faster results and has seen several additional improvements even in the last few updates.  There's still more to come!

Thanks again,
mcaton wrote:
Many of the features you have suggested are currently available in TheBrain 8 (under the "Advanced" button in the Search Results Tab).

It'd be nice if there was correlation between keyword creation of Thoughts (not currently available - but we can be hopeful?) and search, so that the search could all be done in the one window.

For example (similar to Google), you could include search for Tags with withTag:TagName withTag:TagName2 and dates modifiedDate:yyyymmdd... you get the idea?

Sometimes it's just easier and quicker to type the search in, rather than open another window for the Advanced search criteria.
I see what you mean.  I'll certainly write this up as a feature request.

Thank you,

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