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How can you speed up a fairly large ( around 6000 thoughts and for more than 95% text) sitebrain? I created one and I experience very very slow animations with larger thoughts (specially in creating the links: it hangs up to 20 seconds!): Brain support advised me to make cluster of thought smaller. Well this advice is of a limited usage. And the very idea of using Brain is creating links between elements …..


So I am very interested in your idea’s about how to speed up the performance of a large sitebrain.


Has anybody used an extra application (for example a Java accelerator on the server side) to improve sitebrain performance?






PB Pro.


I agree. Cloud computing can only succeed, if prise/performance is better than in-house computing. Just now I´m worried about respond time of the Alpha service version.

I am experimenting with a brain including 15.000 thoughts, 25.000 links, and 5000 URLs to find out the limits. There are some complex clusters that take long time to load and performance is shifting and very volatile.

What are the performance limiters? Are they client or server based?
What´s about plex graphics? Is it pixel or vector based?

PB Pro



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