I have been struggling with the way things work to ingest new URL into thebrain. 

The fact that you can send from your browser to the inbox is great in Android; So why we don't have an inbox with the desktop version of thebrain?
It will be useful to unify the android, ios and desktop version with an inbox who work the same for all the applications.
It will also be interesting to have an email address for this unify inbox to which we could send thinks: URL, Notes, pictures... 

Having the inbox in separated part and note like in the Android version inside a thought will also be a big plus. Drag and dropping from this inbox directly into the plex will be a time saver.

@elemmanuel ~ 

FWIW, here is an earlier/older post indicating that the email-to-inbox option will eventually be coming.

Can't comment on the other integrated inbox functions.

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