I tried using version 158 with Dexpot (dexpot.de) and found a problem.  It appears that there were 3 windows created by TheBrain - a footer, a header, and a body window, and for some reason the header and footer window appeared on one desktop and the body appeared on another.

I suspect this is caused by a parameter not set correctly in the body window, or its a tool problem with Microsoft, but the program should be compatible with Dexpot, so if it's not something is wrong.

I wold equally suspect Dexpot, but its been around for awhile and seems to work with everything.
Hi Len. Sorry but I haven't heard of Dexpot before and if it's not working there is not much we can do about it. TB9 is designed to work with Windows and does nothing outside of the normal windowing API. Dexpot has not been updated in almost 3 years and has known issues working with Windows 10 according to their site.

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