If you happen to use PB to manage DjVu files (a far more efficient format than PDF when it comes to scanning personal documents), you may have come across the following problem :
DjVu documents are not indexed and thus not accessible through PB search engine.

The simple solution that I use consists of the following :

1. Download and Unzip the DjVuLibre package :
2. Add DjVuLibre Root folder to your Path.
3. Create the following batch file (for Windows, adapt it for other OSes) :
FOR /R %%A IN ("*.djvu") DO @ECHO PROCESSING %%~nA%%~xA... & DJVUTXT "%%A" "%%A.txt"
and name it "IndexDjVu.bat" for instance.
4. Place the batch file at the top level of your Brain (next to your .brain file) and run it.

What the script does is simply to extract the text contained in a DjVu file. For instance if you have a "document.djvu" file, it will create a "document.djvu.txt" next to it, i.e. in the same folder (thus within the same thought). Now, PB will index "document.djvu.txt" since it is a plain text file, and when you do a search that matches some text in your "document.djvu", PB will reference "document.djvu.txt" that belongs to the same thought as your original document "document.djvu". Et voilà!

Does anyone manage DjVu files with PB ?

Best regards,


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