When attaching a folder as a virtual thought could we please please please get a Preference Setting to index the files in that folder, and a further setting to crawl and index sub-folders.  You would then need some type of synchronize command, because the first thing people will do is drop their Documents folder into PB, and do away with external indexing programs like Google Desktop Search, but the complexities of monitoring the file system are probably beyond the scope of this release – thus the need for a synchronize command.

I know this isn't a trivial request, because you aren't persisting any of the information about virtual folders and files inside the database, but if you could squeeze it into this release, you'd have a pretty viable interface to the file system that would allow us to get rid of a lot of other junk like external indexers and browsers.


Right now we're focussed on delivering all of the major functions that we planned for version 4. Indexing of external folders is something that we may do in the future (we have the ability to do this in BrainEKP), but it is pretty major undertaking, and would be part of a separate 4.X release.

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