Can TheBrain 7 make an index of sites from


- OneNote (online or offline)

- Evernote (online or offline)

- Google Docs

- Google Mails?


So I can make a fulltext search and can find the infos, too.

If not I have only a few informations in TheBrain and I have to make a separate search in OneNote or Evernote or Google? Mmh??

If the site is password protected, I don't think TheBrain can index attachments. It can't index Evernote attachments. I think for that to occur it would need to use their API (and I don't know if they provide that functionality in it).

Indexing behavior is no different from PB 6x. You may want to take a look at the release notes and see what has changed.
macOS 10.14.3
TheBrain 10.0.42

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