Hi Guys,

Just an idea for an enhancement.

It would be nice if, when you add a new pdf document attachment, there was an option to have it indexed (or having such a button in the 'properties and attachments' tab).

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems as if the only way to index a new pdf attachment is to recreate all the indexing for the entire brain.



No, the PDF should index automatically.  It might take some time though, depending on the size.  PDF's are notorious for their large file sizes.  If you have one in particular that is causing you problems, please email me a copy at  We'd love to do some testing.

Thank you,

Hi guys, have another question.  After I've done the Create BrainZip and select "Include file attachments", the output folder gets generated.  However noticed that all pdf files which is pointing to my shared drive cannot be opened.  Is there a way to have this automated or do I need to recopy all the shared pdf files into one common drive?
<raises hand>

I would love that feature to create a brainzip including external folders and files (optional, of course).

As I do like to have it all in my brain right now I just copy/duplicate all files once in my brain as well.


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