I am still having trouble with search and indexing. The last full index took 6 days! After closing PB and reopening (after indexing finished) I again got the message that an index lock was removed - would you like to rebuild... I answered yes and the process restarted; whew... My Brain Database is fairly large (33,000+ thoughts & 130,000 links) with many fairly large notes (14,000+) and local attachments (209) (primarily pdf files).

Is there any way I could only periodically choose to allow reindexing and continue to be able to search using the last index? Would save me a lot of grief.

See previous thread...

Indexing Message Text - See Attached file...

Also, when indexing I still periodically get the Java error mentioned in the referenced thread.

Running Vista 32 SP2, JRE 6.15, PB
Click image for larger version - Name: PB_9-13-2009_1-09-56_PM.png, Views: 120, Size: 23.99 KB
Al Cantley
acant05, Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, there is no feature that would enable you to do this. However, you can try the following.

Before rebuilding the index make a copy of your ".brain" file and your "_brain" folder into a new folder (just like creating a manual backup). Next launch the copy which will contain the previous index. If you want you can even rename the copy using the File > Rename Brain command. You can then launch another instances of PB then open your actual Brain and re-index it to completion. After the re-indexing is completed you can discard the copy.

Regarding experiencing a crash when re-indexing. Please send us a copy of your output.log file and the crash log to

Best regards,


The removal of a search index lock indicates that PB was not closed down properly. It does not necessarily mean that the index needs to be rebuilt and since this is normally not the case, I would recommend against rebuilding it.

We have received your logs and will look into the conversion errors contained therein. Thanks for sending the information.

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