It would be nice to have an indicator, that shows that a link has attachments. Right now, I use a double quotation mark for the link name as an indicator. But this requires some additional clicks.

A typical use case: You have two thoughts, a person and an article by or about this person. In this article, there is a quote or picture that you want to keep. This quote or picture clearly belongs neither to the person nor the article alone, but to the relationship (link) between them. So it's a natural to make it an attachment of the link. Right now, it's easy enough to capture the text or picture, but it is a hassle to add it to the link.
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
Feature request previously confirmed by Harlan - 10.29.17: "Just confirming that there is indeed a pending feature request for visual indicators on link when notes exist. The feature request also applies to attachments added to links."

This discussion also includes:
  • confirmation that "there would be a preference to turn the indicators on and off, just like those for thoughts"
  • additional details about link names and link labels
  • alternative work-arounds that can be used until this indicator is provided.

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