I'm using a one brain setup. It's what tempts me the most and seems the most productive to me.

I have a section People. Under it I have, among other child thoughts, Family. A group of about 10 people is listed there. They are linked to each other with Siblings, Parent-Child, and Marriage link types.

Elsewhere I have a thought named Timeline. Its immediate children are years. Each year has a number of data events. The stuff that jumps out. Top? 15-20 events or so.

Each event links back parent-wise to the person or persons involved.

This is something I started to do when I started to play with PB4. Now, a couple of weeks later, I'm beginning to wonder if I should regroup how this is done because each person obviously has a growing number of events appearing as child-thoughts.

Maybe a "PersonName,Timeline" child thought for each person?

Considering this change I also wonder how I can use selection to change this...

Hi there

If it's only a case of creating a new specific thought under each family memeber ('Bob's Timeline' under 'Bob') then with Bob as the active thought it's simply a case of creating that child thought, using ctrl+click to select the thoughts that require moving, clicking unlink in the edit menu, bringing Bob's Timline as active thought and then choosing link as children of Bob's Timeline. This process would have to be done for each family member.

I hope that helps and that i've not missed the point


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