I would like to switch from version 8 to 11 on my Windows PC at work.
Unfortunately this will not be possible if admin rights are required.

I know, this has already been answered negatively in the beta forum...
Just wondering: is there a way to create a to-go installation? Or a workaround, e.g. copying an installation?
Thanks for posting. You do need to have Admin rights to install TheBrain from the download.

That being said, you can 'try' to work your way around it. Not really sure if this will work since we haven't tested it, and to be clear, we don't support installation without admin rights, but...

You need to get the .NET framework version 4.6.2 on the machine. I don't really know if this is possible without admin rights, but maybe you can find a way?

Once .NET is there, you can probably copy the installation folder from another machine and I think it will mostly work. (Things that require registry changes that are done by the installer will definitely not work, such as double click support for .brz files, etc.)

This info was gathered from an old forum thread here is you want to take a closer look.

Hi, Matt,

thank you for that hint. I think it worked. No problems so far.

There's one more hurdle: offline activation.
How do you do that in version 11?

Best regards, Martin.
Hi Martin,

I sent you instructions how to activate offline from

Best regards,
TheBrain Technologies

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