Hi everyone,

I am a newcomer to linux and I do not  know how to install thebrain on this platform. I will appreciate if you could help me to handle it


Here are the basic steps.

Go ahead and open up a terminal, whether you are on KDE and Gnome. Now, where did you download PersonalBrain to? If it's on your desktop, type 'cd Desktop/'. If it's in your home folder, don't worry, the terminal defaults to being in the home folder directory.

Once you 'cd' to the correct directory, type 'su' and enter your root password. After that, type 'chmod +x filename', where the filename is the name of the file you downloaded, for example 'chmod +x'. After that, you should be set to go, so type './filename', for example, './'

Feel free to ask any further questions. If the terminal stuff is a bit hard to follow, I can give specific instructions for KDE and Gnome, but I suggest you try this first.

I currently run PB on OpenSuSE 10.3. The tips I am going to share assume that you know the root password.

Here is the summary
1) update Java
2) download PB
3) switch to the directory containing the PB download
4) switch to root and "sh"
5) run program

I recommend that before you install PB, you ensure that you have java-1_6_0-sun (1.6.0.u3-0.5....) installed. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with YAST, if you are not already. So Fire up Yast ( "K" Menu --> System --> YAST) or (SuSE Menu --> Applications --> System --> YAST) or the same sort of thing under gnome. It will prompt you for the root or administrator password. You must enter it to proceed. Click on Software, then "Community Repositories". If you get an error during "Download list of online repositories" post here and I'll guide you on how to fix that.

Otherwise, click to add the community repos you are interested in (add a bunch -- they're free!) but be sure to add the main update repo at

Finish that and when it is all done, fire up "Software Management" . When it is ready, click on the filter "search" on the upper left part of the yast interface and search for java. In the results that appear, packages with upper case names will sort first, then lower case names next, so scroll down past the upper case names and you will find "java-1_6_0-sun. If it is not already installed (checked) Click the check box to install it (hopefully you will not get a bunch of dependency messages). Then click "Accept" on the lower right. If all goes well, Java will be updated.

Now you are ready to install PB. Download it (if you haven't already, you can get it at ). I always use Konqueror for this entire process because it makes this process much easier. (If you are running a pure Gnome desktop, then the applications will be different but the actual steps will be the same. Post if you run into difficulties)

When I've clicked through the steps and I'm prompted with the "open 'http://www.thebrai...in_unix...." dialog, I click Save As....

At this point you will either navigate the "Save As - ..." dialog box to your Downloads directory, create one, or just save the file to the first place the dialog opens to. Either way, you should remember where you are saving the file to (the path to it's future location is shown in the current location box at the top of the dialog, I recomment that if possible, you highlight this current location path with your mouse, right click, and select copy) before you click the "Save" button.

After a while, Kget (or other download manager) will notify you that the download is complete. Now Konqueror really comes into it's own. Clear the location Bar (Click that little black box with the x in it) then paste the path that you copied previously and press enter. Konqueror opens the directory you saved PB to. If there are a lot of files there, enter the first few letters of PB into the filter box (i.e. "Per") and only matching files will be displayed. You should see the PB install file now.

Click Konqueror's window menu and select "Show Terminal Emulator", this will open a command line to the correct directory.

On the command line, type "su". This command will switch you to the root ID. Enter the password when prompted.

Now, temporarily anything you do from that command prompt will be performed as root.

Type "sh Per" and press the Tab key. The rest of the line will be filled in for you, if no other file has the same first three letters. If it has auto-filled the correct file name press enter.

The Setup program will start. Follow the prompts. After you accept the agreement, you shouldn't have to change any of the installation settings. When Setup has completed, de-select "Run PersonalBrain" before you click "Finish".

Otherwise, PB will run as root, and that is fine, if like me, you have a brain file that, as root, I use to track changes to my PC. However, that file, and PB settings, will be root's, not yours. So the next and subsequent times that you start PB as yourself, you will wonder why you can't find the stuff you did in PB as root. Root's stuff gets saved in the root folder, and your stuff gets saved in your folder.

Now, you will find PB in the main menu in Applications --> Applications --> Personal Brain. Click and enjoy

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