I were never fond of Win XP, and have been using Ubuntu for a long time on my work laptop. When my company started to roll out Win 7 I decided to give it a fair try. It is with mixed feelings I have to admit it works quite well

One thing that broke was the integration between PB and Outlook. I now suspect it is related to the 64-bit version of Office I have. It is a bit stupid, when I can figure out the Outlook URI to an object it is possible to add it manually as an attachment in PB. It can be done via OneNote, but it is quite cumbersome.

Anyway, one thing I really appreciate in Win 7 is the desktop search function. Very fast, and  both documents and Outlook objects (contacts, mails...) show up in the same result set. I realized that it would be very useful to have the possibility to invoke a windows search from within PB. It could for example be  included as a search option in the F4 (web search) function. That would also partly replace my need for Outlook linking, which I mostly use to connect "person thoughts" in PB to address book entries in Outlook. If I can just select a thought and press a function key to do a windows search based on the the thought name then I would get to the address book entry in a few seconds.

So, please consider the function to make a desktop search from within PB.


Latest build of PB 8 (if not otherwise noted) on Linux Mint 17 Xfce, Win 8 Professional and Android

Adding PB to Windows desktop search engine would be the ultimate enhancement for me.

It would require coding an IFilter for PB. But now that PB supports URIs for thoughts, it should not be to difficult to code. I would write one myself if PB had a public API.
PB 6.0 Pro
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

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