Here is any interesting article on some other stuff that Harlan and Shelley have been up to on the side.
=> Edmonton Journal Article
Hi Pat,
Thanks for sharing the Edmonton Journal piece! Yes, amazing product releases happening every day! [smile] Check it out on itunes [smile]
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies
The link is broken.
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Thank you for letting us know. The path was most likely changed by the website.
Here's the article from another site:

Who: Harlan Hugh (creator and developer), Shelley Hayduk (executive producer), Kevin Valeriano (visual artist), Amritha Vaz (composer)

How: Hugh and Hayduk created and own TheBrain , an information management system for phones and computers. They used their own money to fund the creation of Perceptris and to independently develop and produce it on iTunes rather than hire a gaming publisher. "I can't really give a number as to the costs," says Hugh, "but I will say that the team has put in thousands of hours and we have hired some of the best in the industry to help us out in areas where we don't have the expertise in-house."

Why: The couple had a successful computer game early in their career called Desktop Toys. They moved away from the gaming field to develop TheBrain, and have now returned to their other passion.

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