I uplaoded my first brain into Webbrain and I was really astonished that even I could change it online, that's great!

Now some friends like to change this thoughts and notes.

Ok I can invite them to the brain, but how I can change the role to "read and write"?
(Now I can only define invited roles as read, why?


tonja, Thank You for posting. You are correct, if you have the WebBrain Premium service set on your account, you can invite others to view your Brain in read only format.

In order to be able to set someone to have write access to your Brain, your account as well as their account needs to be TeamBrain enabled. Please contact if you would like to get setup with TemaBrain access. Here is a short video tutorial which goes over how TeamBrain works. 

Hi Moe,

nice tutorial!

Do I have all functions in the team-brain like the personal brain, or gets some "content" lost via the sync-path over the webbrain?

How I can manage to avoid redundancy in thought-names and attachments, if the brains are growing simultaneously on or offline?

Which Video-Collaboration you suggest for some Team-Video-Conferencing, Google+ Hangouts?

Do you thing Teambrain is affordable for non-professional teams to?



Thanks for posting.  Most of the PersonalBrain features are available when accessing through  Some features that are currently missing are the ability to edit the calendar, tags and thought types.  But we're working on adding these in the future.  You can always download the .BrainZip from WebBrain and make your changes locally and then re-synchronize.

As you are typing the name of a new thought, the existing thought list will pop up below the new thought box to let you know if you are about to create a duplicate.

I personally use GoToMeeting for video conferencing.

And finally, TeamBrain was specifically created for groups of users that wanted to collaborate, but were not in the market for BrainEKP (our enterprise product).

Thank you,

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