Yesterday, I reinstalled OS X 10.7 Lion. When I tried to open PersonalBrain, i got this error:

"IO Exception: Q:  ... brain.lock.db(Permission denied); Q: ... brain.lock.db[90031-145]."

It then says data to be recovered from the continuous backup service.  But, this returns a generic error message, and my brain does not load.

This guy had a similar problem in the past, but a slightly different error message:

A few differences: He was on a remote windows server, I'm on a mac; he got Access is Denied instead of Permission Denied, and a different error number; and, probably most importantly, I have no brain.lock.db files. For any of my brains. As far back as I have backups (almost a year ago).

As far as I can tell I don't have any problems with permissions, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places?

Alright, I guess I should have tried a bit harder to fix this. But in any case, I'll explain what I did so that others who come upon this problem will have a solution handy.

What happened was that when I was reinstalling Lion, I didn't restore from time machine, I picked individual folders to restore. One of those was Documents, where my brains are stored. In overwriting Documents, I had to deal with a lot of permissions issues, which I thought I had sorted out. However, for some reason, the brain_db folder only had read access. Simply getting the info for the folder in the context menu, then changing the permission of "staff" to read/write (I don't know why staff...) fixed the issue.

Best of luck!
Thanks for providing these additional details! Tracy
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

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