Any plans to release TheBrain for either the iPhone / iPod Touch or the iPad?

Please vote here:

Well maybe lets not narrow down this to iphone os only. Maybe more general approach to tablet pc (the one with active pen digitizer for handwriting) and other slates would be more appropriate. As it happens in mind manager for quite long time.
It could be very cool to have thought displayed in your own handwriting perhaps with some sketching next to it.
Suggestion to support for Tablet PCs is here:

I currently use the web brain feature on my iPhone and I assume this would be an outstanding option on the iPad or any device with a capable browser. The brains on the site are currently read-only but I'm hoping, along with many others I'm sure, perhaps in vain, that before it comes out of beta (alpha?) you will be able to alter it there as well.

Tom S.
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This is under iPhone, and perhaps people should create an iPad question.

There is a huge difference in screen real estate between iPhone and iPad, and even though they share the same base, a lot of companies are now coming out with iPad only apps because of the screen real estate. I know that since I bought my iPad the only thing I use the computer for now is playing Games and an occasional VPN in to work to check something on the Intranet.

It has become my primary system for browsing, email (both work and home), tasks, Administration of Other Systems via VNC, etc.

Also to note there are quite a few mind mapping applications coming out for the iPad, while I do not expect all the features, of the desktop app. The Ability to edit notes, create new connections, attached photos from the iPhoto, and put documents in via iPages would be amazing.

+ frickin' 1,000

Edit: And to clarify, an iPad native application.
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I currently use PB on my iPhone, and look forward to using it on the iPad I just ordered.

I use TeamViewer free version to access my desktop over 3g, then use the brain like usual. It is difficult because the iphone is so small, but if you size the window optimally (per your taste) you can get the hang of it pretty quick.

I cannot WAIT to do this on the iPad, where the larger screen and the ability to zoom in and out will actually enhance my experience of the brain.
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With the huge vote for a native IOS / iPad app, I'm hoping that the PB folks are seriously considering this.  Without seeing any direct response on the topic, I'm not getting any hopes up but hoping they do comment at some point one way or another.   I understand the strategy on the WebBrain, but there are two issues with that in my scenario (aside from the additional monthly fee):

1. Any work related info I have is not allowed to be stored on external systems.
2. Even for other things, using graphical a web app like this is more painful vs. the more instantaneous response (and potentially better capabilities) of a native app.

So a native app with direct sync capability would definitely a much better experience on the iPad.
tshanno wrote:
I currently use the web brain feature on my iPhone and I assume this would be an outstanding option on the iPad or any device with a capable browser. The brains on the site are currently read-only but I'm hoping, along with many others I'm sure, perhaps in vain, that before it comes out of beta (alpha?) you will be able to alter it there as well.

Tom S.

Quite frankly, it doesn't work that great on the iPad.  It is slow and not very responsive, so it could be a number of issues, but I think the solution is not nessarily a "Web Brain" on the iPad, but rather a "Brain Builder" on the iPad that can be synced with the cloud.
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Definitely need to think a PB dashboard-type app for iPad/android tablettes.  This is the future! (And that I remember from a Seventeen Mag article I read as a teen about portable PCs the size you can carrying comfortably) - and I'm not a spring chicken, so that was about 30 years ago.

I use my iPad everywhere; it has all but replaced my laptop and I use it more frequently than my desktop. I am also using Personal Brain Pro more and more, which is becoming a problem since there is no really effective way to use and maintain a brain on the iPad. So I find myself looking more and more for alternatives to Personal Brain that work with the iPad. I'm beginning to use Evernote more as well. I don't want to give up PB but may have to. Without a clear strategy for supporting mobile apps - most importantly the iPad and the emerging Android tablets - that is communicated to it's customers, PB is going to become a dinosaur.
Hi all,

I've found a technique to get PB onto the iPad using the SiteBrain export feature. The short story is that exporting to SiteBrain creates a web archive. Some iPad apps can read web archives (namely GoodReader). This technique provides a read-only copy of the brain on my iPad. I've left some detailed instruction for those wanting to try out this technique while waiting for the native application to arrive.

Have a little fun each day.

Yes, the export brain works reasonably well. I use it with both my I Touch and my Android tablet.  I have it on the android where the brain works almost identically 
to how it works in Personal Brain itself. On the I Touch, I use the simplified 
export so you get a series of menus without the graphics but it still is very usable.
The only real disadvantage to this is that the brain can only be viewed not 
updated. Most of the time, when I am "mobile," that is OK. 

We shouldnt have to find work-arounds to get it to work properly on any IOS devince (iphone, ipod or ipad). I am dissappointed they have not come out with one yet. Last year, their answer was use webbrain. I did and its horrible.

We need a native IOS app with background auto sync service.

And I voted for this on their UserVoice site.
I have tried tcarternyc's method, and while useful - the browsing of the brain on the iPad is slow, clunky and freezes often.  

I have other mind mapping tools on my iPad, and we sorely need some exportability from Personal Brain.  I can understand the developers wanting to lock us into Personal Brain - but in the end, it's just going to drive me away from it if I can't use the information elsewhere.

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