I'm currently using the free Pro trial of PB 5 on the Mac to consider using it seriously. I am happy to see that it is possible to type the links, but thus far have been unable to discover a way to enumerate or otherwise locate all the instances of a particular link type.

Yes, I can delete the link type, then browse the entire brain to find all the newly untyped links, but (a) it's extremely tedious, and (b) requires that all links be typed to make spotting the newly untyped ones easier.

I would like some mechanism whereby I can either search or report on a type of link and see all the thought pairings connected by links of this type. As far as I can tell, both searching and reporting only work on thoughts, not links. Oh yes, the issue is becoming non trivial, in as much as my test brain is up over the thousand thought mark, and has considerably more links than thoughts, with several dozen different link types.

Suggestions anyone?

p.s. I have read the 4.5 manual pretty thoroughly with no joy, as well as the version 5 features list.

Thanks for your suggested workaround, which is a classic solution in the modelling world for handling complex relationships.

Unfortunately, in order to work with extensive sets of relationships using this technique, it becomes necessary to always work in an extended view, which I have found completely changes both the cognitive perception of the model (the personal brain) and the way one navigates and interacts. Also, while individually hooking links to type them is irritating, it is more onerous, even using shortcut tricks, to create a relationship thought of the required type and link it between the two thoughts.

Don't get me wrong, I love the ability to create and manage a library of extended views, but I find it intuitively much more comfortable to work in the normal, close-in view. Besides, extended views are going to evaporate right along with link types in my free version when my 30 day trial expires, unless I have found sufficient merit in the tool to justify purchasing the professional version.

This is where I would want not just a distinctive colour, but also the ability to set a significantly smaller node size (or even choose a different node shape) for all the thoughts that I use to represent inter-thought "relationships" or links.

Although I am no great admirer of strongly typed programming languages, I passionately believe in the need for strongly typed relationships in models.

Anyway, many thanks for confirming that this is a black hole in the current PB version, and not just my failure to grasp some essential concept. It is interesting that over in the downloadable brainZip section there is a comment posted against the demonstration Jane's Brain explicitly stating that link labels are searchable. Alas, not using the latest downloadable version of PB 5 for the Macintosh.

Orlando Q.

More advanced link types have been requested here many times, and uservoice, and is much wanted. Both in the way of having possibilty to have advanced information on links, give directions as well as filtering. More information here:


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