Unfortunately, as far as I know, it's not possible yet.
Is this now possible in version 11?
@Jzack42 ~

Not as far as I know, but this would be a great feature request!
How would that look though?

In Outline view each Thought has the same height. Adding linebreaks into the mix would make it look messy.
In Normal View and Mindmap view, there'd be similar spacing issues with where the Gates are and which line moves where and using which curvature.

At the moment a Thought/Type/Tag is a Rectangle/Elipse/Hexagon with a specific height in pixels for each zoom setting.
Then of course there's a smaller version for "distant Thoughts/Tags/Types" when you click middle mouse in Normal View.
Longer Thought names only affect the length of those shapes. I think this assumption is load-bearing for the Plex to not look crazy.

Not saying this is impossible, but I personally don't have an immediate idea of how.

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@DavidGretzschel ~

In this case, I suspect "messy" is going to be a matter of personal preference, especially when compared to the usefulness of being able to view the full thought name. (For example, some people feel curved thought links and complex wallpapers look "busy" and confusing, while others prefer them.)

In addition, some users preface their thought names with dates, and this inevitably uses up much of the visible space for displaying the full thought name. In addition, in dense areas of the plex, thought names are inevitably truncated which reduces the length of the thought name still further.

Other users typically want to include different types of information in the thought name, and this would be (for some users) ideally displayed on 2 lines.

How all this would work behind the scenes, is another matter entirely, and I could not begin to speculate on the feasibility of providing this functionality. However, gate/line placements already adjust automatically in dense areas of the plex, so it might not be outside the realm of possibility.

In addition, another related thought name feature request has already been documented, and I see this request to insert a line break in the thought name as simply another variation of this multi-line thought name idea:
> Display Long Thought Names on 2 Lines (by default, not just on hover)

(FYI, screenshots and multiple +1 votes have been provided on this earlier/older request.)
Feature request has been documented. Thank you all for posting.


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