Hello TB,
I've purchased the pro license at the beginning of March, so not eligible for upgrade to 9.1. I *was* however able to install (via the automatic update checker) most of the beta releases leading up to (but not including) the official release of 9.1. In particular, version 9.1.8 ( had a bug fix (#2809) that was very useful to me.

However I just recently reinstalled my system and while reinstalling TheBrain I found that there are only 2 versions available for download on the website, i.e. the latest versions respectively of 9.1 and 9.0. But I'm not eligible for upgrading to the former, while the latter doesn't have the bug fix (#2809) I've come to depend on.

So, this is mostly a clarification question. Is it still possible to download 9.1.8 Beta even though I'm not eligible for upgrading to official release of 9.1? I remember the license I bought mentioned something about free upgrades for a few months (or is it free service for a few months? I can't remember). If so, do the beta versions that was delivered via automatic updates fall under that category?


Thank you for posting and bringing this to our attention. In the near future, we'll be pulling important bug fixes from 9.1 into 9.0.  The bug you've mentioned above will be included in this update. I don't have a date available quite yet for this new 9.0 build, but stay tuned to future releases.

When possible, we're happy to migrate significant and/or non trivial v9.1 fixes and enhancements into v9.0, but the underlying architecture must support it and in some cases, it won't always be possible.

Thank you,
Thanks a lot for the clarification (and the good news), Matt!

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