When 8 was first released we all reported no issues with switching between 7 and 8.  Is that still true as 8 has evolved?  Given the growing problems I'm having with 8 (can't copy between Brains, can't copy thought icons if a web browser is open) it probably makes sense to go back to 7 (where these problems simply don't happen).  Especially since the primary advantage of 8 (fixing Team Brain to sync thought icons) turns out to still not work in 8. 

But before going to a situation where I'm regularly using 7 and my wife is using 8, or I'm using both, wanted to check back in as to whether anyone has seen any risk associated with such a setup?



Windows 7, 7.0.45 and, Jave 7.51

You should be able to communicate and sync between 7 and 8 just fine.  But with our recent round of testing, we're very close to determining that there are some JRE conflicts between your installed versions of TheBrain.  I'll keep you posted as we hope to have your version 8 of TheBrain operating properly soon.


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