We've lost some key desktop features in the transition from TB8 to TB9 (e.g. filtered reports), and a whole bunch of TB8 Webbrain features haven't showed up yet in TB9, but I'm fundamentally confused about a different topic entirely. Links.  Local Thought URLs within TB8, and Web Thought URLs from outside of TB8 into TB8.  I haven't used these links all that extensively, so only have hundreds of them spread around blogs posts, emails, publications, etc., as opposed to thousands. But I was starting to use them a lot more extensively given the absence of one-way links in Webbrain or the Webclient. And I had thought of projects like EBooks linked to the Climate Web that would incorporate hundreds of Web Thought URLs to allow people to jump from the EBook to spots in the Climate Web.

But here's the question:  Do these links survive the transition from TB8 to TB9?  I've heard different reports from TB, one to the effect that ALL links are disrupted because there is a GUID change for all thoughts. It's hard to imagine that such an integral part of TB as links within and into TB all disappear as part of moving from one version to another. And I've heard from some users that some links survive and some don't. What does that mean?

Does this mean that we use such links in TB9 at our own risk that they'll all disappear again with TB10?  

Surely lots of people use these links.  What's been the experience of users making the transition to TB9?  And what's the forecast for future TB9 changes? 

Mark Trexler
Windows 10
Thanks so much, Mark, for sharing these good questions. Looks like you and I have been thinking along the same lines.

Will very much look forward to getting feedback on all this since your questions on whether links will survive an import into TB9 from TB8 have a huge impact not only on import planning, but also longer term brain project planning.

Thanks for the post. Your local Thought links in notes will still work. They will open the same Thought, but in the v9 Brain.

Web URLs will not be updated.  So if you have a link in a note to - it does not automatically get updated to This would be very difficult to do/update during the v8 to v9 upgrade, since the new Thought URL doesn't even exist yet, until your Brain has been converted to v9 and then synced to TheBrain Cloud. A feature request for a search and replace of v8 Web Thought URLs with v9 Web Thought URLs has been documented.

Thank you,

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