Is their a way to navigate up one level, if that level is not visiible.  I am familiar with arrow keys which navigates up, down, left, right IF the thoughts are visible but will not get to thoughts that are not visible.  I can go home but that may take me too far up or to the left.

The back and forward arrows in the PB application window are like browsewr back and forward buttons and navigate history not the brain. 

BTW, I use outline view. 

No, as far as I know you have to make it visible first. I'm not sure what the default is, but I assigned the binding Ctrl+= for expand all, which will cause the parent to appear, so you can browse up.

Just a thought.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
It would have been great if we could access the distant thoughts with the arrow keys as well, and not only the mouse as it is now.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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