I'm attempting to import an XML file that I create manually from a database. With a small number of thoughts it imports quickly so my XML seems to be correct.

However, at the top level we have about 2,500 children and when I try importing that it never seems to finish. My guess it that the problem is trying to link 2,500 children to a single parent.

Before I waste time trying to subdivide our data, does anyone know whether such a large number of children would in fact cause a problem?


PB does have a limit to how many parents/children a thought can have, but I do not know the exact figure.

You could try tagging them, then displaying the Tag in the Plex as a "(Parent) Tag Thought" when you need to see them all.

Or maybe assign them different Thought types as required, then group them all under one supertype, filter by this in Reports, then add them to Selection.

PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17
Thanks for the responses. I didn't really figure out the answer to my original question, but instead we figured out a way to work around the problem by splitting up the top level Links alphabetically. We'll have to wait and see what actual users think, but it should be OK.

So far we've been able to create an XML file from our MySQL data. The biggest file so far contains about 6,500 Thoughts and 22,000 Links. That's working well so tomorrow we hope to add more Thoughts and Links, and add Notes to each Thought.

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