Good afternoon everyone, 

First of all congratulations to the development team for a great product! I've just tried today and some good improvements seem to have been implemented. 

I've been so impressed that I'm thinking of using a webbrain as the navigation tool for my new website. It seems to be perfect - especially as a work-around for the limitations of traditional section/category based navigation (I'm building my site on Joomla). 

Before I take the plunge and decide to go down the webbrain route I would like to get some opinion on the following: 

- How reliable is webbrain hosting - does it go down? How often and for how long? Obviously if I base my site's navigation on it I want to know if it's stable.  I can see quite a few "web brain down" posts on the forums ( ). 

- Are there any limitations that would affect performance. I'm hoping to build a relatively high-traffic website (well, that's the dream anyway   and I'm wondering if I'm not going to hit a bottleneck once I start getting 30-40K of visits a month to my site. Is the infrastructure for hosting brains online robust enough? I expect with version 6 more and more people will be uploading their brains online adding even more load to servers...

- Are there any restrictions to monthly traffic (users/bandwidth) for a web brain?
Is it possible that once I get a large number of hits my brain will one day display "This brain is not available as it has exceeded it's monthly bandwidth allocation" or something to this effect?

- Are there any paid options available/planned?
Following on my earlier questions, are there any paid options available that would give some premium support and remove any restrictions there might be on monthly traffic to a particular webbrain. 

- In the case of an issue syncing or publishing a brain online what is the general responsiveness of the support team? I've seen on the forums people reporting the site being down and only being replied after a day or two. Obviously, this would be a huge issue if a website's entire navigation is based on a webbrain.

I would really appreciate any comments on the above questions. 



Thank you for your comments.  Please keep in mind that is still in early stages of production and under heavy development.  We've titled as Alpha and PB6 is currently in Beta.

Yes, there may be some down time periodically while we develop the site, but we will try to keep this to an absolute minimum as much as possible.

Currently, there are no restrictions on size, traffic or bandwidth.

There will be monthly fees associated with WebBrain in the future, however, details on this information have not yet been released from our corporate office.

And finally, if you ever have issues with Webbrain, PersonalBrain or synchronization between the two, please contact us at and we will try to resolve those issues as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Hey Matt, 

Thank you for the reply. A few hours after I posted my question I saw the small print on saying "Beta* This service is currently under rapid development and may be subject to extensive changes, outages and errors without notice.". This rules out using webbrain for site navigation at the moment (at least for bigger high-traffic websites). I love the idea though so will check back for any progress. 

I think webbrain could prove very popular as a website navigation mechanism. However, there would need to be some specific SLAs in place as commercial websites cannot rely on "we will try to keep [downtime] to an absolute minimum as much as possible." (I understand this is due to the Beta status of the service). I think you'd find quite a few people who'd be willing to pay for such a service (especially if it comes with further improvements - for example, better customization options and smaller download sizes for embedded brains). 


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