This may just be a function yet to be implemented, but Notes only accept http/s URL links. Trying to paste a link to a thought in my TB8 [brain://27A7CD19-80F0-4294-E071-5F767B16EC28/40D99B55-7EF6-3DC3-8DD6-AFA80D29EF4D/Plastic+box+and+cardboard] does not seem to work. It works if added as an URL attachment, but not in the body of the note.

I presume that it'd be true for other custom protocols.

Also, is pasting links to other thoughts being planned to be implemented?
Links to other thoughts do work in fact. They can be created in TB9 and can also be imported from TheBrain 8. You can create links to thoughts within TB9 by copying a thought and pasting it into notes. This is demonstrated in the preview video if I remember correctly. We will be adding additional ways to generate these links also.

Other custom protocols should likewise also work although I haven't tested them.

The only exception is links copied from TheBrain 8. This is because TheBrain 9's brain:// protocol replaces TB8's. Also in the future you will not be using TB8 and TB9 at the same time, so this scenario should not be necessary.
thanks Harlan, that makes sense: I was not entering the supported way, sorry.


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