I have wanted to write about this again for a while now, but I waited till the stability issues have been resolved. Because the second biggest issue I have always had is with Navigation and Orientation.

current (highly problmematic!) behaviour:
At the moment, resizing the window, changing the view, deleting a Thought, opening the Contents Area from a maximized Plex all make the focus-highlight invisible.
And depending on the specific action taken, depending on the exact view and even whether you're moving along Parents, Children or Jump Thoughts, it will reset the focus-highlight. Or it will not.
I could make a table about when what will happen exactly, but there seems to be no pattern, anyway.

The focus-highlight is something that must not vanish.
It is supremely important, it tells me where I am.
It is how I orient myself in this program which has a lot of elements on screen at the same time by its very design.
Orientation and Navigation are the most basic functionalities that must therefore work very well.
The disappearance of the highlight and resetting of its position stands very much in the way of that.
The focus highlight should not reset, because when I am somewhere, I want to stay there. Otherwise I would not be there.

Resizing the window or showing the Contents Area means that I want TheBrain window to be of a different size or I wish to edit the Note of the Thought where I am currently at.

This is a video explaining my current woes with the focus-highlight:

Lenovo Legion Y720 | 32Gb Ram | i5-7300-HQ, 4 cores @2.5 Ghz | GTX 1060 | :{Windows 10 (latest build) |  SSD: Model SAMSUNG MZVLW256HEHP-000L2

Laptop monitor: 15,6 inch, 1920x1080@60Hz
external monitor: 42.5 inch, 3840x2160@60Hz
(I use one or the other, never both at once)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 256Gb LTE
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 256Gb LTE
unless otherwise specified, assume 100% scaling
My videos always show the current time & date (look at Windows Taskbar).
How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)

Thanks for sharing. I do see your point that the behavior is inconsistent between Normal and Outline/Mindmap.  I documented a related issue that you referenced earlier (renaming) and I'll append this behavior to the same bug fur further review.


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