After a long time only viewing my main brain (I had a bad dataloss issue while back) I want to start over. I have a new job and starting fresh I thought lets add TheBrain to the mix :-). 

Installed and opened a small brain which I used to rebuild my previous brain. I started with adding all kind of information, files, ect. At one point I created a new file in a certain thougth and then wanted to remove it because it was in the wrong thought. I selected it, click the red cross-button and theBrain came to a halt. 

In the taskmanager it was only using 7 or 8 Mb while normally between the 100 or 200 Mb! The only remedy is to kill TheBrain.exe from the task manager. Whatever I do it is exactly the same, I tried with a new fresh brain, multiple different brains. It happens every time and it is easy to reproduce. 

Working on Windows 8.1  Pro with TheBrain and Java 1.7 update 71. There is no output.log anywhere on my system. 

Anybody can reproduce ... ?

Kind regards,


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