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I am sorry that you experienced the problem. Unfortunately this issue was outside of our control as it was caused by a change in Java that we could not have foreseen. We did send out an email to the entire PersonalBrain community regarding this issue. So if you did not receive the email it could be that it was filtered in your junk or spam folder. If that is the case, I apologize.

When you install the latest version of PersonalBrain, notes that you did not modify while using an older version of PersonalBrain in combination with Java 6 update 22 will re-appear. If you did lose some notes, the best course of action is to recover them from a backup.

In order to further guard against this type of data loss in the future, we are working on a feature which will store prior versions of notes and other data so that even if you were to intentionally delete something you would be able to go back to a prior version.
I am also in the camp of "I've had it".
I am done with this application.


Before I begin, let me preface this post with the following comment.  I am simply providing feedback based on observation.

I can appreciate the development team's effort in developing the feature you suggest but in the current scenario perhaps a different solution would have been more prudent.  Please see the thread below.


I can understand the sentiments of both CD and Millhoused.  It is quite alarming to see a 10+ year user call it quits due to something that could have been avoided.  People trust their data with PersonalBrain and its development team.  Imagine if people did not trust their data with Oracle or Microsoft SQL server.  Now granted that I have yet to see an application devoid of bugs.  Even the big name databases have their issues.  The first and only defense for this is and always will be the developers of the application.

I have been navigating the forums for a while now reading the different threads to get a feel of the stability in not just this application but also in its implementation.  Overall, it isn't bad but I am seeing the hints of feature creep.  The type of feature creep I am referring to isn't in the over-complication of the immediate user interface but in the programming code corrections necessary to correct bugs that should not have made it past beta testing.  If you are going to say that you did the best you can do in testing then slow down the updates to give testing more time.  Just looking at the threads in the Software Releases and Updates, the development team has a very aggressive release cycle.  Give PersonalBrain time to "stew" before serving it up to the hungry masses.  Since this product literally handles peoples' hard earned knowledge it behooves you to take extra steps to release a rock solid product.  If you feel you need to crank out the updates to keep people interested or attract new customers, try lowering the license cost in both the personal sector and the business sector.  The value that PersonalBrain offers in its core design way outclasses some of the other offerings out there in the same class of knowledgement management methodology.

I haven't been around this application as long as CD has but I can speak from experience with other applications.  Please strike that delicate balance between stability and innovation before more customers decide they wish to going the "I've had it" camp.

Thank you for your time and understanding.



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