If a child-thought (B) in normal view (expanded) has more than a few letters in its name the jump thought (C) is hidden behind the child.

B - C

A small vertical shift would make it visible.
... Furthermore I think TheBrain is unique
regards Hannes from Bavaria
Brain Junky V6.x Pro / WebBrain / V7 Beta /
Win 7 Prof 64 & 32, MS Office 2010 & Outlook & Firefox & IE

This is interesting. I tried this on my end and can't seem to get the same results. Would you be able to post a screenshot so I can see what you're referring to? 

Also, you mention you are in Normal View (expanded). Do you mean you are in Normal View with the expand all button (+) clicked or are you in a New Expanded view?

Patrick, I think what Hans means is that while you are in the Normal view --> Expand all, if you have thought "A" then a child of thought "A" called "B" (but "B" has a long name) the jump thought "C" gets covered by the long thought name.
Right, that's what I thought he meant and tried that but I am not getting the same outcome described.

My next question is, are there more than those three thoughts in the brain? These are my results:


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