Just lost a brain - and it seems unrecoverable.

I had created a brain in


called Renaissance. Filled it with thoughts and data.

Then created another one in h:\projekte\sebastianus

called Sebastianus.

Also filled it with thoughts and data.

Then created a third one, in h:\testzone

and called it Test. Just created thoughts numbered 1-10. No data.

When I wanted to switch back to Renaissance, the message appeared, no such brain, delete button?

The main file and folder structure Renaissance_brain seems to be intact, however, the file renaissance.brain is missing. Also started a data recovering programm but it does not appear there either.


Any chance to recover my work? The built-in function doesn't work because I cannot open the brain in the first place. BTW, never got a message as stated in the "Vaporized"-Thread.

Any help would be highly appreciated, I started to love that programm and now it does not seem to be reliable...

(Windows XP, SP2, AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 1 GB RAM, MSI Star-Force, GeForce 6600 - any other specs needed?)


Just managed to retrieve my brain, er, my access to the Renaissance brain I had created earlier.
I just created a new brain at the same location with an identical name - and my data and information showed up again.

Therefore my question: Is there any built in backup solution? When I export a brain, it seems that I can't import it into PB from these types - wouldn't this be a feature?


File > Create Brainzip will create a compacted backup file of your brain. You can restore from a Brianzip by either double-clicking on the file, or opening it with PersonalBrain.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Ugh, didn't see this last night... thank you!
It sounds like your .brain file got deleted somehow. The .brain file is not strictly necessary and just provides backup data. The _brain folder is where the real info is stored. This is why you were able to recover by creating a brain with the same name.
Harlan, thanks for answer and information. The really weird thing was that the .brain file just disappeared into nothing. Even a file recovery programm I ran over the disk did find anything but a .brain file!



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