I just installed PersonalBrain
Started the application and created a brain, so far so good.
It opens the black-blue screen and says "loading".
Nothing more happens after that ... not in the almost 30 minutes I waited anyway...
What is it it is trying to load but can not find, or make any progress feedback of?

I try to close the application but it seems like all of the processes dont stop by doing this. The nest time I tried to start the application I could not reopen the brain I named but never used because it was "already open"?

Whats wrong here?
My colleague uses this "brainstuff" without problems.

Add some more information:
Java version 1.4.2_07
XP-Pro SP3

Were you ever actually able to create a single thought?  Sounds like you may have a corrupt download and/or install.  This could be a result of a firewall blocking a portion of the installer that it didn't like. I would recommend reinstalling the app, but download the ZIP ARCHIVE rather than the version with the installer. 

The instructions for installing using the zip archive are:
  1. Download the zip file version of PB5 from the link on the right side of the download page ( The link is called "Archive format without an installer."
  2. This zip file does not include an installer, so please follow the instructions to manually install. 
  3. Extract the contents of the zip file. This should yield a folder called "PersonalBrain".
  4. Move this folder into your C:\Program Files folder.
  5. Right click on the file PersonalBrain.exe and select "Create Shortcut"
  6. Move the created shortcut onto your desktop.
  7. Drag the shortcut to the Start button to add a copy of it there also (optional).
  8. To launch PersonalBrain, use the shortcut you have just created.
Please let us know the results.
Thank you,
Thanks for helping.

No, I wasn´t abel to enter anything in the thougt area.

I cleened away the old installation and made a new one following your instructions but the result in the end is the same.

Download ok.
Unzip ok.
Move of Folder ok.
Creation of shortcut ok.
Move of shortcut ok.
Launch as below...
  • something starts
  • protection system asks if I really want to start the program as it is from an "unknown vendor" (do not have a valid digital signature), I say run.
  • The program starts and asks for a brain (white background), As i have noone to load a chose to create a new.
  • The program turns to the next screen (black-blue) and as before says "loading" and then nothing else happens. CPU is 0% on PersonalBrain.exe process. Memory usage is 39452kb.
  • After ending the process is still active, no CPU usage but 68768kb in memory usage. (???)
  • Next time I try to start the program the brain is in use by another application. If I manually kill the process that is not a problem.
Can you make anythin out of this?
Best regards
You may try uninstalling, and then re-installing Java. Also, check to see if there is an output.log file created in the PersonalBrain program files folder, and if there is, e-mail it to so they can take a closer look.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
The Java was the key.
Now it seems to work.
I can anyway use the interface as shown in videos etc.


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