Would it be possible to store some applications inside the Brain and then also create BrainZip and then load this BrainZip with different computer and run those apps externally (not launching from the Brain) with Task Scheduler? The Brain folder structure has to be consisent between computers, would this work?

I would also want to transfer this BrainZip between those 2 computers constantly using remote desktop connection... Is this possible or I would run into problems and should use something like DropBox instead? It's very important that those apps would function 100% reliably because it's work related and I don't want to implement this and then eventually run into some problems... 
Unless it's very simple applications (text editors), don't most apps install supporting files and information in addition to the .exe file? For Windows, it's entries into the registry and data in the local user or data folders, for OSX it's the Application Support folder in the User (or root) Library.

I don't really think PB is made for this kind of usage, it's better for keeping the documents created by the programs rather than the programs themselves.

macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Yeah, the applications are very simple, they don't touch any OS files or registry but they do generate files and then read from those files and there are thousands of such files...
It could pobably be possible...
Anyway I think PB is probably not a really good solution for this. Would be cool to keep all files in PB though but oh well

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