Currently, the thought icon gets zoomed to a larger size on mouseover.

I would like the thought icon to stay maximized, even if the mouse cursor moves somewhere else / another program gets the focus.

Purpose: as part of my "how to ..."-documentation I often add a screenshot as icon to a thought, representing one work step within a certain process. During the step-by-step execution of this process, I only need this representation until I get to the next step.
To "freeze" the maximized icon, I think about a shortcut, e.g. contextual menu, "Maximize Icon", or Cmd-Click - anything easy to use. Unfreeze the icon on any first user event, e.g. click anywhere, cursor left/right/up, Esc, other shortcut.

The current workaround is: add the screenshot as image file to the thought. On execution, open the image file (on multiple attachments: cmd-O, select image file), process the step, close the image file, proceed to the next thought, etc., pp....
Sure, it works reasonably well, but it's just quite complex, and includes several mouse clicks, among others.


Thanks for posting. I'll be sure to document this request. You are correct that the quickest current work around would be to add your image either into the notes or as a file attachment.  PNG, GIF and JPG files will all preview in the content area.  If they are the only file attachment, they will ALSO become the zoomable icon.


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