I frequently have multiple attachments on a single thought.  When I click the thought, they list and I pick the one I want which is absolutely fine.  (and yep, I could spawn children with one link per thought which I do also).

I got to thinking: how about CTRL+Click on a thought opens the first thought in the list without prompting for a selection?  Would that not be the greatest feature of any software, ever in the history of the world?  Well no...it wouldn't by a long way - but I'd use it.
... and, I smell an easy win in the implementation oven as an "add a user definable hotkey binding to the hotkey preference area" addition to expose this new feature w/o need for a mouse should be quite straight forward too 👍

... and, better yet, perhaps instead of simply the "first" thought, there could be a "vital attachment" meta-trait that could be applied to any attachment within a thought that defaults to the 1st attachment on initial inclusion but then could be re-set (and have a slight visual signifier within the attachments list) to any attachment within the list 💯
Visual Signifier.png 

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