Hi - I have a 2018 MBP and I'm trialling the TheBrain (again ... think I last tried v2 or v3!) anyway...

Like many I'm a big keyboard user however, I'm finding I can't reliably navigate the brain using the keyboard.

If I start typing, focus goes to search and then I can select a node which will then be focussed on in the plex area however, if I then use one of the cursor keys to move to another node nothing happens ... occasionally it does seem to work but very rarely!

Cmd+N and Cmd+S work (notes / search) but I can't get the focus onto a node on the plex.

Even if I select a node with a mouse click and then try the cursor it doesn't work! at least not reliably???

Any suggestions please?

Being forced to use the trackpad or mouse is a real productivity penalty for me.

just in case anyone else is experiencing this, I've found if i override the default shortcuts to use shift+[up/down/left/right] then I can work with it ... default cursor keys don't work for me for some reason.

Thanks for the follow up and sharing the solution. More info on modifying your keyboard shortcuts can be found at

Thank you,

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