Please add keyboard navigation to:
  • search field: cursor up / down and return to select and activate a single thought listed
  • create thought dialog: tab and space to navigate to, activate thought type button / tags list.

Mac OS X 10.11.3
My Search box functions like this [confused] (on windows)

Thought creation definitely needs some keyboard additions! not sure what you mean with TAB and SPACE to navigate to?
Well, when creating a thought in TB8 (on Mac) you could set the focus via the tab-key on the button "Type" (note: singular) resp. "Tags". With the focus on one of these buttons, you could open the list by pressing the spacebar.

In TB9 ( you have to click with the mouse on the app. button.

BTW: Just realized that the label in TB9 is "Types" (note the "s"). OK, it shows a list of thought types, but when set, and you can choose only ONE thought type, and this thought type will be displayed instead of "Types". The behavior of the "Tags"-button differs a little bit ...

The keyboard navigation for activating a search result should be working in this latest release.  Use the down arrows to select a result and enter to activate.

I've documented the keyboard navigation requests for Thought creation and utilizing the new type/tag options (without the mouse) as well.  

I see your point on the Type vs. Types.  I'll share this with the design team.

Thank you,

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