On windows:
  • CTRL + "-" adjusts text size down
  • CTRL + "=" adjusts text size up: Not CTRL + "+" (i.e. CTRL + SHIFT + "=")
I discovered the above looking for Keyboard shortcuts for expanding and collapsing Thought children.

ENTER works for expanding, but I couldn't find anything for collapsing the children?

Also, if the Thought name is too short and the Thought label too long the collapse button gets hidden:
Screenshot - 5_03_2016 , 4_38_17 PM.png

Thanks for posting.  We do have a feature request written up for easy access to an interface for modifying your own keyboard accelerators.  In the mean time, many of these features can manually be adjusted at C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\TheBrain on the InputBindings.txt file.  Be sure to make a back up of the original first!!

Also, I'll review and document the label/collapse button issue.


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