1. In the standard shortcuts Ctrl+O (oh) is assigned twice
    - Open Attachment
    - Open in Browser

    a) When there is only one attachment, Ctrl+O will open the attachment immediately, whether it is a URL (in Browser) or some other file type (in the standard application) = OK

    b) When there are multiple attachments of any type, Ctrl+O will open the attachment selection window. (basically OK, but see No.2!)

  2. Shortcut for Open in Browser does not work as expected. If it is assigned a different shortcut (e.g., Shift+Ctrl+B) and there is only one URL attachment, the URL will not be opened in the browser. Essentially Open in Browser doesn't work. (Also the case in 9.x)

  3. When exporting shortcuts
    you can only define the destination folder, not the file name (as you could in TheBrain8 and previous versions), and the user is given no clue to its name (KeyboardShortcuts.txt). Plus, if KeyboardShortcuts.txt already exists in the destination folder, it is overwritten without warning. (Funny enough, when importing shortcuts, you have to select the source folder and the file name.😜)
    My preferred solution to both of these issues would be to let the user determine folder and file name when exporting and importing.

    - the destination is not remembered, always defaulting to the (Windows) Desktop. Moreover, only a folder list appears so you can not easily type in the destination in a field. This is a real nuisance if you have to navigate this folder tree in Windows. (Note: When importing, the last source location is remembered! Plus you get the benefit of the full Windows Explorer dialog, allowing you to easily navigate and/or type in the full path into the File name field.)

    My preferred solution would be to have the shortcut exporting procedure be the same as the one for importing, with memory and a full file path dialog.

- Michael
TheBrain beta / 9.1.x / / (PB) 6 || Win7


Thank you for posting.  I believe these same issues existed in v9.  Thank you for bringing them to our attention.  All have been replicated and documented.

A fix for the Notes > Open in Browser issue is now available in the new 10.0.6 build.  The new default shortcut is Alt+Ctrl+O .

Great! Thanks for the update, Matt.

Glad to know this shortcut is now available.

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