I was a PB3 user for the past year, switched to the Mac platform, and am currently testing the PB4 Mac beta.


So far, I've found that I miss some very helpful keyboard shortcuts that I found very helpful:


F6 - create child

F7 - create parent

F8 - create jump

alt-arrow  - navigate from thought to thought

F2 - rename thought


I'm working on an Intel Core Duo iMac OS X 10.4.8 and I could not re-create the shortcuts using keyboard preferences.  After pressing the shortcut keys, the menu bar item name blinks but nothing else happens.


On PB3, I had a great work process for creating thoughts quickly and navigating around by using the shorcuts above along with the semi-colon creating multiple thoughts.


Look forward to hearing any fixes/alternatives.


All of the function key shortcuts should be working in the next release... Keyboard navigation using the arrow keys will be coming a little later.

Thanks.  The function key shortcuts work great in 4.3.4.

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