Feature Request (primary): Add keyboard shortcut for "Link active thought as child of Pin 1", ..., "... Pin X" just as is done with "Navigate to Pin X".
If "Pin Y" is already a parent of active thought, then unlink it by pressing the same shortcut. (I would use F keys for it)
Together with following request, this idea can be exploited for fast assingment of tags/types. 
keywords: classify, categorize, reorganize, ergonomy, keyboard, shortcut, link, pin, browse selection

Purpose: rapidly improve the following procedure (Which I repeat many times each day):
1. Write or paste text into search field.
2. Either press shortcut to "Create Thought" or activate one of existing thoughts by arrows and Enter or by mouse. 
3. Grab a mouse and draw link to one of few Pinned thoughts.
4. Optionally, place cursor above another parent(s) and press shortcut for "Unlink"

Current procedure is slow due to need of mouse and precise cursor positioning.
When dragging the cursor, I often miss desired gate / thought due to imprecise positioning. Then, instead of creating the link to pin, either rectangle for creation of new thought appears, or active thought moves up/down in plex. When starting from pin, pin often gets dragged to another position on pin bar, instead of creating the link. 
When unlinking some parent, instead some link in background is destroyed.

Added shortcuts will replace points 3. and 4. will work no matter where cursor is, without need to touch the mouse.

User can change pins dynamically depending on area of brain he is working on.
Feature Request: To quickly change set of pins: after right click in selection: "Pin/Unpin selected thoughts" (add to existing pins).
Such group is easy to store as e.g. children of one parent, and easy to select by Ctrl+Click on corresponding gate.

Feature Request: Allowing Pin bar to be multi-line, like "unlock" taskbar in Windows7 , to accommodate more pins would be useful on big screen for big reorganization task (with mouse). (locked as one row by default)
- especially in situation when list of selected thoughts is processed so that long list of pins cannot be kept as selection.

Feature Request: Shortcuts for Activate Next Selected, Activate Previous thought from selection, for easy processing of complete list of selected thoughts without need of mouse. 


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