At the very end of an import, TB imports icons (and counts them 10x10).

It then (seems to) hang shortly before finishing import:

"Imported 6540 out of 6547 icons"

and stays there for quite some time.

My guess is that it actually finished the import, but does not update the line showing import progress, and likely does some final work it does not report on.

It might be worth printing a confirmation once all icons have been imported and/or update the count and printing some final message asking for patience:

"Imported 6547 out of 6547 icons"
"TB is finishing import, please be patient"

or at least let users know it's expected for the import to "hang" sometime at the end, but that it's ok.

Just saying ...
Thanks for pointing this out. This is a known issue that is documented. The status is not updating properly on an import.

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