Despite numerous requests and suggestions, and some improvements up to Version 8, Version 9 of TheBrain has returned to being a linguistic nightmare.

In the Preferences - UI section, it is indeed possible to specify a personalized date format for adding a date to notes. However, it is not possible to change the format of Events - which is irritatingly formatted American style (when around 70% of the world uses a variation of British/European and the rest ISO style formatting). Further, the interface gives a choice of Automatic or English (United States). I would prefer an interface of English (British) or French or Dutch...this should at least give the required date formats as seen in other software.

Spell checking in the notes editor is apparently linked to the system preferences - although when requested in notes, it pops open the Brain preferences which then references changing the system preferences. All other programmes manage to provide the spelling options under the right-mouse key / Ctrl-click (Mac OSX) command - why not TheBrain? After all, the big promotion of TheBrain 9 was that it now runs natively... Working multi-lingually, this for me is ideal in all other programmes that I use and a great gaping hole in TheBrain.

I am running Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11.6) - which was current during the development of TheBrain 9.

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