I have three tabs open, one brain has 99 thoughts, the second 20, and the third only 3 and this takes up half a gig of memory. Any way to reduce this? The memory isn't swap space but the Working Set.

I understand this may not be a like for like comparision, but I have been using OneNote with several years of data and it takes up only 83MB. 


TheBrain 10/Windows 7.
I've been wondering the same thing. Thanks, Sean, for asking.
Hi sean,

a tweak, that might help a little, is setting the attachments to "list" instead of "tabs". This way no web pages get loaded in the background until you specifically want to / click on them. This could save ~200 MB in your case (until you load web pages in the internal browser).

From my observation, TheBrain requests around 300 MB as a base requirement. Additional tabs don't add much memory requirements. But additional tabs need additional web browser instances (just like in any multithreaded web browser). Depending on the web content the memory requirement for these can become quite large.

As for the memory consumption it might be more reasonable to compare TB to web browsers (since it has a built in one). Around 300 MB for a web browser session + 50 MB for each tab are not unusual values no matter which modern browser you use.

Memory management on modern OSes is also very advanced and the raw numbers don't always mean what they seem.

So the main question should be: Does using TB slow your workflows / the responsiveness of your system?

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