Another little thing.
To expand/collapse the sidebar we can click one of two little arrows near the bottom of the line separating plex and sidebar.
These arrows are very small - it takes quite a bit of mouse control to hit them.
I wonder if we could have a bigger target? For example, click upper half of dividing line to expand, lower half to collapse?

I know we can drag the line which is useful sometimes but (a) on my machine that does not work smoothly, creates a slow and jerky expansion effect and (b) it is nice to be able to click to get a standard width for the notes window.

(I initially thought of suggesting double click on line but that seems to reverse notes and plex which no doubt it useful to many - but not exactly what I would like)
Please try using Preferences > UI > Maximize on double-click of plex background or content tab background.
Ooops! Sorry to have missed that - esp since I suspect you may have told me about it before! Thx for your patience.

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